Want a User-Friendly and SEO-Friendly Site? Give More Priority to Website Navigation

Are you redesigning your current site or building one for your new business from scratch? Want to know the secret recipe to make it more visible on search engines? Build SEO into the web design at the planning stages instead of just adding it later. This piece of advice comes from the experts at Search […]

SEO + Web Design: A Winning Combination for Your Marketing Efforts

Believing that your website design does not affect your marketing strategy could set your company back. This fact has been overlooked by many businesses. Aside from being a crucial part of your branding from an aesthetic point of view, web design encompasses so much more. It can have a huge impact on your conversion rates, […]

Strategies to Avoid and Fix Drop in Traffic after a Website Redesign

Is your website up for a re-design? Given the changes in search algorithms, design trends, and web applications, your website will need to be updated at some point. Besides, an outdated one will have difficulty delivering the online results you’re aiming for. Before you alert your web development and design team, however, you should be […]

6 Ways Web Design and SEO Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Regardless of how well-designed a website is, it will go to waste without search engine optimization (SEO). How will your target market find your site if it doesn’t rank on the first page of search results? Overlooking this aspect while concentrating on making the most eye-catching site will be anticlimactic. You will only end up […]

A Quick Guide to Local SEO: Ranking on Page One

When talking about local SEO, it is not limited to finding your business in your vicinity, but also making your business visible to your market within the local search results page (SERP). However, making your business visible to online search results is not enough. It must be on page one to maximize local queries. Local […]

Tips on Writing SEO Content That Will Keep Your Viewers Hooked

One of the biggest challenges of website management is trying to gain visitors and drive traffic. If your website has a high rank in search engines it would be easier for people to visit since it will be one of the first things they see. The key to thriving for a high rank on search […]

Backlinks: What Are They and How They Work?

Are you looking for solutions to pull up your site through the search ranks? With the many changes Google went through throughout the years, many things have already changed. In fact, the recent modifications the search engine giant made have affected numerous websites, causing them to plummet down the ranks. Back in the days, black […]