Are you looking for solutions to pull up your site through the search ranks? With the many changes Google went through throughout the years, many things have already changed. In fact, the recent modifications the search engine giant made have affected numerous websites, causing them to plummet down the ranks.

Back in the days, black hat tricks go unnoticed. These days, these surreptitious machinations can get your website banned. Which is why you need to play fair and square to shoot up through the search ranks. One clean way of doing this is through backlinking.

A white hat SEO technique, backlinking involves links to your website or blog from somewhere else on the internet.

How Do Backlinks Work?

Otherwise known as inbound links, backlinking can do a lot of wonders for your webpage. Here are some of those.

1. Promotes awareness of your brand

One good trick about backlinks is that it provides you a passive way to increase your site’s internet traffic in the long run. Once you get to establish your online presence and create awareness of your content, you eventually get to build up your website’s reputation.

Google looks favorably at pages that have low bounce rates – a measure of how long a web visitor spends time on a particular site. So if you get more and more people to visit your site, and spend at least a minute or two reading your content, soon enough you will notice an increase in your webpage’s ranking.

2. Boosts your authority

Likewise, people will think that your content is of important value since other websites have linked your page to theirs. When this happens, it gives an impression to people that your content is authoritative and relevant. When a search engine crawler finds high-quality backlinks, this makes you an authority within a related niche. Automatically earning Google’s respect, and, as a result, a higher page rank.

3. Extends presence in Social Media

With social media marketing, you get to build links by spreading awareness of your presence in popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By creating fan pages and accounts, you get to attract your target audience.

When more people share your content through posts online, Google gets to regard your authority and even increase site traffic dramatically. This, obviously, will help you earn a higher position in the search results.

Without an effective strategy on building backlinks, ranking a website will be an uphill battle. Other techniques on SEO will not be effective, and earning the top spot for a competitive keyword on a search engine will be virtually impossible.

How to Build Backlinks?

Link building is a slow and gradual process. Take time to establish your online presence and be careful about rushing too much. You do not want to make Google think that you are just manipulating the rankings. When this happens, your site will be in danger of being penalized.

What then must you do?

  1. Press Releases – share newsworthy content and, most likely, there will be sites willing to feature you on their own articles. Furthermore, doing this will increase your backlink count, which is actually a good thing.
  2. Guest posts – earn added exposure and backlinks when you create content for others. Search for a site within a relevant niche and see what you might write about.
  3. Social Media – if you are always active on social networking sites, then why not use the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field. You will soon be picking backlinks along the way.

These are just some of the strategies to backlink building. Because it is just one part of your overall SEO campaign, you need to monitor links and ensure you make the most impact from high-quality links.

With consistent practice of finding and adding high-quality links to your page and writing shareable content, you will be able to pass link juice that will yield noteworthy improvements in your page ranking and internet traffic.

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