One of the biggest challenges of website management is trying to gain visitors and drive traffic. If your website has a high rank in search engines it would be easier for people to visit since it will be one of the first things they see.

The key to thriving for a high rank on search engines is that you have to be strategic with the way you write content. The ultimate goal is to convert visitors for better website traffic and that is where content plays a vital role.

Here are tips on how to write search engine-optimized content that will help you rank high and keep visitors engaged.

Write to Appeal to Your Readers

If you want to generate a good volume of website traffic, write content that is creative and persuasive. It is important to get the audience to read it and respond to your call to action. How?

a. Give Them the Answers They Want

It is important that you get to answer their query in seconds, make sure that the first line, sentence or paragraph hooks the reader and ensures that the answers they are looking for have been provided. For example, you are an online coffee store and someone is searching for “the benefits of coffee” you have to make sure that your first paragraph contains a benefit instead of talking about a lengthy description about coffee.

b. Be as Entertaining as Possible

SEO writing is not just about giving information but also keeping readers excited. When readers are reading through the first few sentences, it is best to keep them entertained or else they will lose interest. The idea of this is to make them have fun reading the article until the end. Apply humor when necessary and appropriate.

c. Place a Call-to-Action

If you include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your article, make sure that your content will keep your reader hooked until the end. If your readers are persuaded with your content, they will be even more enticed with a CTA. Your call-to-action will help convince the reader to respond to what you are appealing from them. For example, persuade your readers with a CTA like “Do You Want More Traffic?” which will hook the readers to sign up and learn more about how they can gain traffic for their websites from the services/products you provide.

Not only will quality written content help you gain visitors but also help them become interested in your products and services. If your content is good, it will make visitors stay on your website and help you maintain a high rank.

Apply SEO Copywriting

Making your content too wordy may steer readers away, it is always best to keep your content informative and concise, with the recommended length. If you want your customers to take action, this is where copywriting comes in.

a. What is an SEO Copywriter

The job of a copywriter is to use words, phrases, and headlines to persuade readers to take action. SEO copywriting is about creating compelling and useful content that helps target specific keywords that will allow others to share it on social networking channels.

b. Creating Headlines

To gain attention, you must get creative with your headlines as these are the first thing readers will notice. If your headline is mediocre, they wouldn’t want to click on your article. “3 Ways to Have a More Romantic Relationship” or “5 Ways to Improve Website Traffic” will make the readers want to know more about what you offer. Always keep the headline short or else it won’t fit in the search engine snippets.

c. Crafting Meta Descriptions

After the headline is the meta description that gives a brief summary to help searchers understand what the topic they are about to read is all about and why your keywords keep on popping out. Use meta descriptions as an opportunity to entice your readers and give them an overview of what kind of content you will be serving.

Learning the basics of SEO copywriting can help you write content that will boost your ranking in search engines and gain more clicks. Avoid boring content.

Writing Your Keywords

Keywords are vital in search engine optimization. These are phrases in your content that help makes it easier for people to locate your website through search engines. “Red velvet cake recipes” or “best doctors in Florida” are examples of keywords.

When placing keywords, it is not just about dumping it around your article but placing it strategically. Have the keywords placed in your title and first paragraph make them more noticeable. Most importantly, use the keywords naturally in your writing so it blends well in the content. Make sure to put importance in your keywords because it is what readers are searching for in the first place.

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